5 Simple Hacks for a Great Dinner Party

While a dinner party doesn’t have the audience of a large-scale event, this doesn’t make it any easier to host. The essence of a dinner party comes through its intimacy and sophistication and naturally, this requires a little bit of extra thought when juggling between the entertainment, the music, the menu and most importantly, the layout. Here are some simple hacks you can use to make your dinner party every inch the success it’s meant to be:


There’s plenty of things you should be doing and heavy-scale maintenance definitely isn’t one of them. If you have a big lawn, you’ll definitely want to consider setting up base there. There’s nothing more impressive to guests than a decked out lawn, set up with lights and ready to host an amazing yet homely dinner party. You’ll have to make sure the layout is in tiptop shape, however, so make sure to get a maintenance crew from Eley property to tidy up those trees and hedges, weed out the little stragglers and to ensure that lawn is mowed to perfection!


With that out of the way, you can go on to decide your seating arrangements. It’s always a worry about whether your guests will gel with each other or not so here’s a little tip: arrange them by personality type! For example, a more charming guest would be ability to strike conversation with anyone and everyone, so they’d belong best with an introvert. The more opinionated people would also be rather good with conversation but might also hit a few controversial points so they’re best left close to the charmers or you, the host itself.


Low wattage bulbs and candles are the best way to create an intimate ambience that simply enhances the effect of sophistication. It also makes for a great setting to have deep conversation. If you want to up your décor game, you could also use twinkling lights to string along the dinner table or if you’re setting out any wreaths, you can wrap the lights around them! The effect this lighting creates would blend perfectly with some gentle jazz, playing softly in the background.

Personal Touches

Everyone likes to feel like they stand out, they love those little personal touches that make them feel extra loved and special. So make sure to add more personal touches that cater to each guest. For example, you could make simple placards with their names artfully embossed on them with a silver or gold pen. Or you can create small gift bags with your guests’ initials for them to take home at the end of the day.


A host’s worst nightmare is running out of food to eat, which is probably why most tend to overdo it and are left with quite a lot of wastage at the end of the night. Here are some safe numbers you can run by for your next party- prepare for at least 10 bites per person if you’re serving just appetizers. Else, aim for 2 pounds of food, including appetizers all the way to dessert for each guest. When it comes to alcohol, you’d want to prepare at the very least 2 cocktails or half a bottle of wine per guest but this really all comes down to the type of occasion. For example, a holiday would definitely warrant more alcohol.

With these simple steps, your guests will be more than satisfied and you’ll have a successful dinner party up and running with minimal hassle!

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