How To Improve Warehouse Management

For efficient warehouse management to take place, there needs to be a smooth workflow between employees and their processes. Ensuring efficient time management is usually prioritized at the cost of running the risk of shortcuts that minimize the quality of work. This may be quick but it does not improve warehouse management. There are many common errors in warehousing that interfere with the ability to achieve maximum warehouse management and here’s how you can improve on them:

Don’t Rush The Goods

Usually the goal is to get the goods from intake to outbound as soon as possible- and this usually ends up being done in a rush. By rushing the process, the receiving department gets severely neglected and this leads to significant errors in inventory. Accuracy is largely affected by this. Bottom line, don’t pressure your employees to rush the process because this usually leads to them taking shortcuts that result in errors.

Picking Paths

It may sound like an obvious step but yet the efficiency of picking paths in warehouses is still not maximized. This leads to a waste of time and general frustration. Make sure your picking paths don’t criss-cross areas of the warehouse and to make proceedings smoother, make it a point to bin popularly ordered SKUs together or in a central location to the dispatch areas so that there is minimal labor and time wasted.

Manual Data Entry Processes

This is a technologically advanced age and if you’re still clinging to manual processes, this is a huge time-waster. Manually entering SKUs and entering inventory data is a thing of the past- make sure to invest in more computerized and efficient processes. Barcode and radio frequency identification is definitely something to look into.

Information Visibility

Something that leads to unnecessary errors amongst workers is having a terrible communication system. When running a warehouse, there needs to be a great amount of information visibility so as to keep everyone in the loop. Create an information system that notifies each and every department on time. This enables a key feature needed to run a successful business- ease of access.

Floor Space

By investing in warehouse mezzanine floors Sydney, you open the environment to plenty of storage space. If it comes to a point where you feel like expansion may be on the horizon, don’t forget to utilize your vertical, shelving spaces to its fullest. Expansion can be costly so you don’t want to resort to this unless you absolutely have to.

The Vendors

The vendors are the life of your business so naturally you need to have a good relationship with them. Keep them up to speed on any promotions and by also having an understanding, open approach to any issues the vendor might face, this helps create a strong relationship. Of course, if there are any quality issues, taking it up with them in a civil yet firm manner is a must.

Maintaining a smooth flow in warehouse management can be incredibly tough but with the right practices in place, your employees should be able to function to the best of their abilities.

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