Reasons Why Your Business Has A High Staff Turnover Rate

It’s always a huge expense to a business when a staff member decides to quit. You have to invest a lot of money, time and effort to look for another person to replace him/her. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to keep your employees for as long as possible.

Why do employees quit? That is the focus of this article. If you’re experiencing high staff turnover rate, then there’s some root issue that you haven’t yet addressed. It could be because of problems in your management style or your incentives system may be lacking. Whatever the cause, you should take steps to diagnose and fix it as soon as possible.

Poor Management

This is one of the biggest causes for employees quitting. If a manager or immediate supervisor lacks empathy or uses tyrant-like policing methods, then employees are definitely going to resent the company. It doesn’t matter of the pay and other benefits are great if employees have to suffer through unfair management tactics, enforced by someone who lacks the proper people management skills. Employees don’t have to be berated to quit. They may even move on if they lack respect for their managers.

The solution to this is definitely better management training to those who hold these positions. You must drive home the nuances of managing people and the importance of being empathetic.

Heavy Workload

If employees are being constantly overworked, then they’re going to be more motivated to quit. While it might seem like a profitable measure to get more work out of each employee, it’s actually going to end up lowering productivity. In the end, more employees will end up quitting and the company will lose money.

Instead of just dumping more work, it’s much better to do things that improve employee productivity. That’s why most companies invest in quality of life services agencies that specialize in doing just that. For example, these agencies may help you roll out stress management workshops or come up with strategies to improve your employees’ mental and physical health. By doing this you’ll end up with happier and thereby more loyal and productive workers.

Lack of Recognition

Employees love when they’re appreciated for their hard work. It’s one of the main reasons that they’re willing to work overtime or come in on holidays. If you’re not recognizing your employees with some sort of positive gesture, then they’re going to be sorely disappointed. They may even feel that their managers are being cruel towards them.

So here are a few ways you can show your appreciation:

  • Compliments – just a simple positive reaffirmation can really help keep your employees happy about all the work they do.
  • Writing a good recommendation – if a hard-working employee is up for a promotion, you can help him/her by putting in a good word.
  • Pay increase – money is always an excellent reward for any employee. If they’ve contributed to the increase of company profits, then there’s no reason why upper management should turn down your request.

A high Staff Turnover rate is disastrous to any company. That’s why it’s important that you address the source of the problem immediately. The content of this article should help you out with that

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