Tell-Tale Signs That You Need To Replace Your Scale

With proper maintenance and care, a retail scale can surely last for a long time. However, there will come a time wherein your weighing scale is not as efficient as before and needs to be replaced. While most retail scale problems can be repaired, there is a time when a replacement is more advisable than just repairing it. Here are the 5 tell-tale signs that your retail scale already needs a replacement.

Scale Readings Are Inconsistent

One obvious sign of a broken scale is inconsistent readings. If you’re using the scale a lot, you might notice that some items may not weigh the same as before. To test this, try placing the same item on the platform a couple of times. It should display the same weight no matter how many times you repeat it. However, if the display shows different readings each time, there might be a problem on the load cell or the internal mechanism of your scale. Also, don’t forget to check if the display turns back to zero after removing the item on the platform. This problem may be solved by recalibrating or if not, simply replacing the scale is what you have to do. Call expert scale repairs Queensland if you’re facing any problems with your retail scale.

Inconsistent Readings between Different Scales

If you have multiple scales in your shop and you think one of them is broken, try measuring the weight of a single item on different scales. Observe if they show the same reading or not. If not, one of them surely has a problem. This issue can be caused by overloading or dropping something on the platform at a significant height. Contact an expert in weighing equipment to diagnose and fix this issue.

Unstable Reading

If the reading on the display screen is changing from time to time even if you aren’t touching the weight, there might be a problem on the weight controller. This condition can be simply caused by low humidity in the air or a real load cell problem. Sometimes, it could be that the digital indicator is malfunctioning that’s why it can’t display steady results.

Readability of Display

If the display screen of your retail scale doesn’t seem to be as readable as before, your scale needs to be seen by an expert to fix it. This problem can be caused by burned out portions of the display screen or issues on power source of the display screen. Make sure to solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid inaccurate readings which can affect your shop’s performance.


The longer you have your scale, the more prone it becomes to corrosive damage. It can be caused by moisture, rust and other factors that affect and damage the physical parts of your scale. Make sure to choose a scale that could resist harsh conditions so it doesn’t get damaged easily by corrosive factors.

If your retail scale shows some of these factors, it is time for you to contact an expert to check the machine. The sooner you address the problem, the lesser issues you have to face.

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