Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is nothing less than godsend for people in marketing. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook bring billions of people into one place and provide marketers with the tools to reach their target audience. Even if you don’t use social media yourself, your customers do and that’s reason enough to pay close attention to it.

However, that’s not to say that all marketing campaigns carried out on social media will end up being a success. There are still obstacles to overcome and pitfalls to avoid with each and every attempt. In this article we’re going to discussing a few things that you can do ensure the success of your campaigns:

Deliver Content That’s Appropriate for Social Media

One thing that a lot of marketers forget time and time again is that people aren’t on social media to look at advertisements or buy things. While Platforms like Facebook do have shopping integration now, they’re not a replacement for Merchant websites like Amazon and eBay. Hence, you would do well to avoid treating it like one.

What do people use social media for? First and foremost, people use these platforms to connect with friends and family. Social media allows us an intimate, informal interface to communicate with our loved ones and share things with them. Secondly, people use social media to entertain themselves. Memes may have been born in forum websites but they’re now more widely used in social media. Last, social media is presently how a lot of people get their news.

So if you want to be successful at social media marketing, you have to make sure the content you put out aligns with what social media is used for. For instance, you can use it to inform customers about interesting topics that are related to your business; you can connect with your customers by putting out content that focuses on their pain points, and you can entertain them with memes and gifs that still tie into what you do.

Have a Damage Control Plan

Something that marketers dread is damage control on social media. If your business does something wrong in the eyes of your customer then bad publicity is bound to spread like wildfire. Hence, it’s always a good idea to have a damage control plan which includes guidelines on response time, nature of response/apology, actions regarding the continuity of promotions…etc. If you don’t have much experience in this area we strongly suggest that you hire the best social media management agency Melbourne has to offer to get a plan drawn up for you.

Split Test

Over time you’re going to want to hone down on what type of content works better for which audience. That’s why split tests are quite useful. You can do a controlled experiment where you either show different content to the same audience or vice versa. This way you are better informed for all future campaigns.

Once you find winning combinations, you can invest more money on them knowing that the returns will be high.

Social media marketing isn’t as straightforward as a lot of people thing. There’s no doubt to how effective it is but success depends on marketers learning what to do and what not to do. The three tips we’ve discussed in the article should provide you with a better insight into how to carry out a successful social media campaign.

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