Warning Signs of Hazardous Electrical Problems at Offices

Offices and workplaces expect electrical problems the least. Sure, the printer might not work from time to time, but rarely do employees or managers suspect wiring issues. Unlike at homes, electrical problems could easily go unnoticed at offices, becoming even worse. Some issues pose serious hazards. Therefore, keep an eye out for these common warning signs of electrical problems at work:


Sparking outlets is obviously never a good sign. Sparking should never occur in a fuse box or a breaker panel. You need to call in an emergency electrician if these things occur. Also, sparking should not occur with wall outlets or electrical equipment. In some cases, fixtures may cause sparks. These problems should be addressed without delay. Call in a repair professional immediately if any of these problems occur.

Lights That Flicker or Dim

Persistently flickering light pose a serious threat. If dimming or flickering doesn’t go away after you change the bulb, then the problem occurs from the fixture or the wall outlet. If dimming or flickering offers with appliances that use light bulbs, then then there could be a serious wiring issue in the office. This problem poses a fire hazard and therefore should be addressed right away. Find the best commercial electricians Sydney, or another local area, to address the issue. Only a pro can fix it so don’t allow anyone to DIY the problem.

Warmth or Odours in Outlets

Power outlets should not feel warm to the touch. They certainly should not emanate an odour. If you experience these issues with a single outlet, regardless of the type of equipment plugged in, then the outlet is seriously faulty. First, simply stop using the outlet. Then, call in a qualified professional to have a look at it and fix it right away. Remember, wall outlet problems pose serious fire hazard issues.

Too Many Cables

Do employees often find themselves having to walk over wires? Do cables on the floor pose a tripping threat? Too many wires indicate that your office may be overusing extension cords. Extension cords essentially alter how wall outlets distribute power. One or two is fine, but too many could lead to serious problems such as damaged outlets, sparks, and ultimately fire hazards. If there are too many cables strewn on the office floor, make sure the office is not overusing extension cords.

Fuses that Blow or Breakers that Trip All the Time

It’s normal for the fuse box to go off once in a while, especially if there’s a storm outside. But, if the fuses blow frequently, or if the breakers trip occasionally, then you are looking at a major problem. Fuses or breakers go off to prevent overloading, as it could happen during a thunderstorm. But if plugging in the office microwave does it, there’s a serious issue with overloaded circuitry. This is another wiring issue that needs to be fixed with an emergency appointment.
Faulty wiring or problems in circuitry are very dangerous. The office must have a professional electrical repair service on call to fix these problems. Don’t let anyone else handle wiring unless they have a license to do it. You can avoid most wiring problems by having a professional check the system at least once every year.

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