What Do Burglars Look For When Breaking Into A Home?

If you’re a homeowner, you should know what burglars look for. Below, we’ll be discussing just that. So keep reading if you want to keep your family as safe as possible.

How Many Windows Do You Have?

Burglars need to assess your home before they make a move. Unfortunately, they can’t do this without getting up close and person. So they look for homes that come with many windows. The countless windows help them view the inside of the home.

Even if you don’t have many windows, they may still strike. Because your home’s windows may be located in a prime location. They could be situated in spots that aren’t easy for you to notice, letting them spy inside without being caught.

Do You Have An Alarm System?

As they’ll be spying into your home, they’ll look for a lot of things. Other than making note of your belongings, the burglars would check if you have an alarm system in place.

If they spot it, chances of them breaking into your home are low.

However, they may be brave- figuring out the type of alarm you have. This helps them bypass it.

Do You Have Security Cameras?

If you have security cameras, you’re helping yourself. Burglars would evaluate the exterior of the property, making note if there’s cameras or not. As you can imagine, they’ll avoid homes with them as it can cause them to easily get caught.

If you’re afraid of home intruders, be sure to invest in them. If you’re interested in home security systems Melbourne offers them for quite cheaper, making them a better investment.

Has Your Mail Piled Up?

You don’t want your mail to pile up. It’s an easy way to attract intruders as it notifies them that no one is home. Hence, burglars look at your mailbox and doorstep, making note of how much mail you have.

You may be going out of town. If no one is staying at your home, you don’t have to fear as you can ask a neighbor to get your mail for you.

How Lavish Is Your Home’s Exterior?

When burglars hit a home, they want to get a lot of loot. They can ensure this by hitting up well to do homes. Thus, they look for homes that are huge in size and have great landscaping as this is a sign that the people inside are rich.

Your Trash

As they want to study you, they’ll not only look through your windows. Instead, they’ll scavenge your trash as well.

That’s why you should keep it away from easy access as it could have something in there that tells the burglar about your schedule, giving him the perfect window to break in.

How Big Is Your Yard?

If your yard is huge, the intruder has a lot of places to hide. Thus, he’ll look at the bushes and vegetation, seeing if there’s a good hiding spot for him.

To avoid this, be sure to maintain your yard so you don’t have large patches of greenery for someone to hide in.

Considering the above points, you know everything you need to about what burglars look for when breaking into homes.

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